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Thread: How late is too late for bear?

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    Default How late is too late for bear?

    I am thinking of a DIY kenai peninsula black bear hunt in 2011 and was hoping to time it well with the silver run in early october. Is that too late for black bears? Thanks for the advice.

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    Nope, not too late. You'll want to look high in the berries for bears then. They'll be feeding furiously to pack on a few last pounds before denning up. Some may start denning by then depending on temps and snowfall, but some bears will still be out and their hides will be in good shape.

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    Thanks! that is exactly the confirmation I was needing! Is the russian river trails system a good bet? or would it be better scanning the mountainsides off the highway?

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    Its a great time for black bears and like Brian said, they'll most likely be high. Not just at treeline either, but sometimes above the sheep. No kidding. You could very easily nail one down low too. You never know till ya try. Go for it...


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