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Thread: What pitch impeller hamilton 212?

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    Default What pitch impeller hamilton 212?

    I recently purchased a 22' hardtop alumaweld with a 460/340hp motor and 60gal fuel tank. I'm not sure what impeller is in it now but I run about 39mph wide open at about 4000rpm loaded with fuel.
    I'm looking at a 2.4 pitch turbo impeller and was wondering if that sounds about right for my boat?
    Any advice would be much appreciated.

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    Try here, Without knowing what you have,I think the 2.4 is going to be not enough pitch for that horse power motor.You could overrev it with all those pony,s . I,m thinking you have a 3.4 in there that is set up tight and still in good shape. 4000/39mph is almost one, To; one, Not that bad for that size boat.

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    With that setup you need a 3.4 . I run a 3.4 in my 350 EFI for the economy. Really should run a 2.8, but the 3.4 does fine and I cruise at 2900 rpm and 28.6 mph. No load issues either. If you are hitting serious whitewater I would go with the 2.8. Save some fuel and go with the 2.8 or 3.4.

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    Default I'll Just add this.

    If your looking at the one listed on CL try asking the guy what boat it came off and why he's selling it.

    I'm betting the answer will be in those details.

    Good luck.

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    Default Impeller

    A 4.0 pitch is probably what you are running now. Generally the higher the pitch, the more "out of the whole" thrust you have with less top end speed. Also, as stated before, you need enough pitch to keep from overturning the impeller and creating cavitation. With a big block, I don't recommend running anything less than a 3.4 pitch. With the motor you have, I think you will see optimum performance from a 4.0.

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    Thanks for the advice, I appreciate it. The impeller came off a 24' T jet with a 454/330hp motor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fishkiller View Post
    Thanks for the advice, I appreciate it. The impeller came off a 24' T jet with a 454/330hp motor.
    I had my North River with a redone 454 on Big Lake yesterday and was running right about 4800 rpm's at 54 mph with about 500 pounds of body weight along with a full tank of fuel and I have the 4.0 turbo and I am overdriving(overrevving) it a little bit.

    The recommended impeller for the 460 is the 3.4t with a recommended max rpm of 4100 rpm' you are right on the money where you are at. A change to the the 4.0 might cause a loss in performance. A drop in rpm's does not always necessarily mean better fuel ecomony. You may ask about getting a repitch done to a pitch somewhere between the 3.4 and the 4.0 might be a good compromise.

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    Default Dupont Spinner

    How hopped up is that 454? You might think about re-pitching to 4.6.

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    I'm going to be using my boat for rivers and ocean use, so I would like to have one impeller for getting fast out of the hole (rivers) and one more for top speed (ocean) where hole shot isn't to much of a concern. New turbo impellers run about $2500 right?


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