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Thread: Brown bears and slugs

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    Dang, at my age I should no better then to wade into a conversation that will never come up with a consensus, I just can't help myself though! In the last 50 years or so I have read many stories about African pros carrying shot guns into the pucker brush to finish off big cats that were wounded. Several times it did not go well for a variety of reasons and more then one "pro" blamed the buck shot and quit using it, yet others praised it.

    In Africa the Brenneke slugs were popular for following up big wounded cats and had a good track record when put in the right place, which for a variety of reasons, did not always happen. But, if memory serves me, all of these incidents were started when the cats were wounded by a bullet from a centerfire rifle and poor shot placement.

    In Alaska many big bears have been wounded and some one went into the pucker brush to get them and it sometimes did not work as planned. Alaskan guides usually carry one rifle in at least a .30 caliber or bigger and I have never read where one of them wanted to go in after the bear with any kind of buck shot, maybe I missed it.

    I am not sure how many thousand rounds of 00 buck and slugs I witnessed and participated in being sent down range at targets from 15' to 25 yards. I do know that after we went to Vang Comp barrels and low recoil LE 00 buck the patterns improved by getting tighter and shooters could shoot the 12 ga. faster and qualify easier due to less recoil.

    My 12 ga. 3" mag. 00 buck with 15 pellets and 600 grain Brenneke slugs kick like a mule, even out of my Vang Comp ported barrel and repeat shots are slower because of it. If I was going to us buck shot on a bear I would use 3" #1 buck shot that is .30 caliber and has 24 pellets, compared to 3" 00 buck with it's 15 pellets of .32 diameter. Not much difference between .30 and .32 diameters, but 24 vs. 15 pellets is quit a bit. I also would not want to use it on a big jacked up bear if it was over 15' away.

    My 30-06, .338 Winny and 45-70 all offer plenty of the "right stuff" which is, deep penetration and an entrance and exit hole and fairly fast repeat shots, I want fast repeat shots, as I plan on shooting the life out of a bear as quickly as possible. The best way to do that is with multiple hits in the right place combined with deep penetration. Buck shot is not known or famous for deep penetration, especially as distance increases, it's shape and hardness of the shot are the main reasons.

    If you are ok with buck shot then have at it and if at all possible have some one film it, so I could watch it over and over...

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    Smile IXL-DGS (Dangerous Game Slug)

    I also would be very interested in knowing if anyone has any firsthand experience with Dixie's 12ga. 3" 870gr. IXL-DGS (Dangerous Game Slug). Their website says the slug is a .730″ heat treated cast bullet and leaves a 20″ rifled barrel at 1200 fps. and is designed as a stopping round. So if anyone has used them please share how they perform against the big bears as you have the knowledge. The rest of us just have to guess.

    I have read about Brenneke slugs and seen a video about the D Dupleks Monolit 32 12ga steel flat faced solid slugs from Europe used on their brown bears. I have a dedicated 12ga. slug gun with a fully rifled barrel. Oh, and I am not dumb enough to go after one of the monarchs with my slug gun. It is just and around the house and camp back-up; just so you know. If I am ever so lucky as to afford to hunt one I will either have a .338 or .375 mag in my hands. Thanks for anyone's reply as I appreciate your help in advance! 2

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    Quote Originally Posted by rockyl View Post
    I also would be very interested in knowing if anyone has any firsthand experience with Dixie's 12ga. 3" 870gr. IXL-DGS (Dangerous Game Slug).
    I have some and they are in the 12 gage by the front door. Luckily I have never had to use one. I disassembled a Brenneke and a foster slug as well as a Dixie. Most notable difference is the hardness of the slugs. The Dixie can't be scratched with a finger nail. Brenneke, a little, foster a lot. the Dixie is a solid slug with no hollow base. I do not think it is going to deform in any animal. On the other hand I used to have a foster that was loaded into the case sideways from the factory. I really want to shoot something with one but I bow hunt everything. I am cleaning the reloading room now and if I find the slugs I'll post pics.

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    I have complete faith in the Federal 1 1/4 oz slug with a proper shot. Talking 25yards or less for defence
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    I carry a Winchester Model12 with copper jacket slugs. Have only used it once. Fall 2017 a Sow and Cub tried to push through my front door about 1am

    My daughter woke me screaming and I grabbed the "Bear Gun", Ran out on the deck to see the 2 bears making a mess of my deck and meat rack/wood shed. The 12ga. did its job at less than 5 yards. through and through the head and a very dead bear. Standing there in my boxers I felt a little strange.

    Never leave home without the 12 ga.

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