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Thread: fishing charter out of whittier

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    Default fishing charter out of whittier

    Looking for some info who to go with and who to avoid

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    Default Whittier

    Made a reservation in March 2009 with John Norris for a trip in August. Received a confirmation and phone number telling me to call the night before the trip. When I arrived in Whittier I called and was told I was not on the boat and they had left a message. The problem was the message was on my home phone (Oregon) after I had left and was travelling in Alaska. I was to be put on another boat which I found to be unacceptable for a number of reasons.

    I considered his actions totally unprofessional.

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    Default Alaska 4 start charters

    I have heard great things about Jody. His boat is pretty fast too. I haven't personally went out with him (yet), but friends have and they had a great time and got their fish.

    They only use Jigs - which I think is a little bit unique for butt fishin. But they are very effective with them.

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    Default +1 for AK4STAR Charters

    Client safety is first on his list with having a good time being a close second!

    We've fished with him almost exclusively for the last 6 or 7 years. In the event that the AK4STAR is already booked for the day you're wanting to fish, he'll recommend a couple of other boats for you to check out & I don't hesitate to hop on board them either. Ron on the Gold Runner and Matt on the Sweat Pea are top notch captains & boats that will show you a good time and work their tails off to put you on fish.


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