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    The search for my night spotter has ended! K9's, cats, and wolverines beware.

    After much research I purchased a Jetbeam M1X with, ext tailcap for two 18650 batteries, mount, pressure pad, and picatinny rail for my R-15. The light is a 700 Lumen (450L OTF) throw monster from what I have read and seen on Candlepowerforum. And to really top it off CPF members gets %20 off through bugoutgearusa. This setup should destroy any of those SW scope light packages. I can't wait until it actually gets dark outside so I can fully test it at 200 & 300 yards on coyote like targets at the range.

    The entire setup is heavy. I have not weighed it yet but I'm guessing the entire package weighs in the 10# range. Yes, a tad much for dredging through the snow, but for my intended purpose the weight will not be a problem.

    I'll give my thumbs up or thumbs down after this coming winter.


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    Very cool, thanks for the post. Keep us posted on the performance.

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    After testing the lite inside and outdoors I am thoroughly impressed so far. The M1X is a thrower and lights up my neighbors house at midnight no problem. I can't wait until I can test this light in complete darkness. I've thought about a red lens for this light, if I find one I'll test that too.

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    How far away is your neighbors house? =) Yes, get a red lens. If you have a problem finding one PM me and I can point you to where I found a solution for any light.

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    Roughly 50 yards. I'll get a chance to better test it this fall.

    Here are some beam shots on CPF.


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