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Thread: The Map in my Garmin 296 sucks

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    Default The Map in my Garmin 296 sucks

    I heard I need to download a map from a disc. Anyone got experience?
    Thanks in advance.
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    Default You need the mapsource 1:100K

    You can transfer the maps from the mapsource disk. Then you put the chip in your 296. It won't hold the whole state but you can get most of wherever you usually go. So far the best they have is the 1:100K maps. For some of the smaller handheld gps's they have some 1:24K maps, but not Alaska yet.

    The 1:100K really makes your GPS more useful and helpful.

    So yes you need a chip, the cd, the card reader. Or go to NL Avionics at Merril Field when you are in town and the nice ladies there can do it for you.


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