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Thread: I need a copper river play by play

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    Default I need a copper river play by play

    Me and a freind our heading out friday. We will have ATV's, a rhino and regular 4 wheeler. So far all I know is get to the gravel pit. Set up a camp and get to the river. I really just planned on doing what I saw others doing but it would be nice to have more of a clue before I get there. Thanks in advance

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    Hopefully the fishing will improve. It is sketchy at best. Some holes are produciing SLOW results others are flat out dead.

    The trail from Obrien Creek is hairy and dangerous. I talked to 3 different folks that had been using th etrail for years and said that after this year, they wont use it again. Just not worth the danger. There are places that if you arent paying attention you could easily die. Luckily no one has...YET.

    So that s the BAD news. GOod news is it is still passable. I would NOT use the Rhino. Regular 4 wheelers only. Most of the better producing spots are just before the tunnel to the end. You will have to hike up and down the hill a few times to not only find a producing hole, but then to get your fish to the top too.

    If I lived in Eagle River, had Friday/ weekend off, I would be sitting on te Kasilof for the opener there, I think your success rate may be WAY higher.

    If you are DETERMINED to do the copper. Take your Russian river gear with you and if you strike out at Chitina, hit the Klutina.

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    Default clues to dip by

    My advice is to park and camp at O'brien creek and carefully watch what others who profess to know what they are doing are taking with them back into the canyon. Leave the Rhino there on on your first trip back as it is really too wide for the trail in my opinion. Pack light and take rope. Go back into the canyon and watch others who are catching fish. If they are running strong they won't take more than a few hours to catch their limit. Fish close to them if possible or just wait and then move into their hole when they leave and do what they were doing when they were catching fish. Hot spots are often very localized. Keep in mind that the fish come in waves and when one is in your net there are likely to be many more than one near your net. They are swimming in groups. This is a very important point and one most dippers don't understand. Getting a caught fish out of the net and the net back in the water quickly ups your catch dramatically. Personally I don't bother to kill fish, I flip them out of the net into a spot where they won't flop back in and get my net back in right away. Another option is to help each other tend fish so that the guy who catches the fish can return his net to the water quickly. There are many places that this can work effectively. I think that many people lose their opportunity to catch fish faster by struggling with the fish and killing it. Let it flop in the sand and it will expire quickly. Spend your time fishing. Tie yourself off in such a way that the rope does not become a hazard to your footing. Wear a life jacket if your footing is at all questionable. That river is unforgiving and you will likely drown if you go into it unprotected. I use Craftman Handy snip pliers with the four inch razor blades to clip my tails and I always do this prior to packing the fish up the cliff. Go slowly on the trail and put enough fish weight on the front of your bike coming out so that you can ride up and over the big flat rock upriver from the tunnel. Don't stop once you start over the big rock. Stay in the tracks, don't high side the trail just because you are scared. Stay out of the canyon if it is raining hard. Put the bike in low gear when going through the wash outs and down the big hill to the trestle. Carry a first aid kit Duct tape and a leatherman. Don't do anything stupid back there as someone else will have to pick up your pieces for you and this will make it harder for them to catch their fish.


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