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Thread: Valdez Halibut Holes

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    Question Valdez Halibut Holes

    My son is comming home on leave this week from the Air Force havn't seen him in over two years due to deployments. I am renting a 21 Ft. boat from Eilson on Sunday and want to put him on some halibut rockfish ect.. Any information on some locations would be great. You can PM me if you do not want to publish the information. I have a portable GPS. Thanks in advance.

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    Default Knowles head

    Take a look at the charts. Due south of Valdez is a place called Knowles head. Fairly flat bottom. It is a good steady producer of Chicken size (10-50 lb) halibut. Great eating fish. My son will be back from Air Force on leave in 60 days. Thats where we're heading. Got one son heading to Afghanistan in a month and one coming home. I did three tours over there and it is time on the water fishing that sure helps you decompress. No booms, no roadside debri freaking you out. Just fishing. The best therapy ever created. Enjoy your son. Tell him welcome back.

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    The weather would have to be pretty good for me to take a 21' boat all of the way to Knowles head.

    I am headed down that way next weekend too. I have a few spots on the map that I want to try out but they are just wags.

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    Default Weather

    Everthing is weather dependant. How long does it take to get out to Knowles Head in good weather? They are 21ft boats with I believe a Honda 150 on them. I was hoping to find a couple chicken holes a little closer if possible. Thanks for the info.


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    Default early is better

    The wind picks up in the narrows generally more in the afternoon.

    I have been unsuccessful with butts or rocks in the narrows. there's a reason the charters run to 'gue.


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