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Thread: Ice Fishing Lately?

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    Default Ice Fishing Lately?

    Anyone have a good ice fishing report near anchorage or the Mat-Su Valley. I haven't been able to get out for two weeks. Looking to see if the action has picked up at all.

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    I have been dying to get out and do some ice fishing. This is the first winter in awhile I have not done any ice fishing since the lakes froze over. Predator hunting has been taking up my time.

    Next weekend, I keep promising myself.

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    Default need a fishing partner?

    I also have been dieing to get out. But have no Auger. I have all the other gear. If anyone with an Auger wants to meet up and do some fising around Anchorage. hit me up.

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    Went today to Knik lake. Had three poles in the water for 1-1/2 hours. Never had a nibble. But the kids went wild playing in the snow so it was worth it.

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    Default Sand Lake Today

    Hit Sand Lake today. Brought up two char, biggest around 14 inches. And one nice rainbow around 14 inches, already real dark and in spawning colors.


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