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Thread: Kasilof River Jack Kings

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    Default Kasilof River Jack Kings

    One regulation that I am not sure about is when you catch a jack that is a wild fish with a apidose fin other than the legal days of Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday. If I catch one on Friday night is it legal to keep it since it is a jack under 20 inches or do I need to release it? Does the days of keeping wild fish only refer to kings over 20 inches?



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    Default Runt rage!

    King salmon 20" or longer: January 1–June 30, 2 per day/2 in possession, only 1 may be a wild king salmon recognized by the presence of the adipose fin (fish with an adipose fin may be kept only on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays)

    less than 20": January 1–June 30, 10 per day/10 in possession.

    As you can see the reg for Tue/Thu/Sat only applies to the 20" or longer category.

    Jacks are exempt.... bonk away and do your part to help cleanse the gene pool of these sexually precocious runts.
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    And fire up the Barbie! those jacks are some GOOD eats!

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    Jacks are exempt.... bonk away and do your part to help cleanse the gene pool of these sexually precocious runts.

    Thanks thats how I intepretated the regs but fishing down there a couple weeks ago people kept on saying we had to release the jacks if they were wild, with or without the emergency order, if it wasnt a Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday.

    I am heading down there this weekend and hopefully I will catch a couple of them.

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    What about AFTER June 30th- what is the legal number of Kings(> 20" & <20") per day?
    My wife and I will be fishing the Kasilof with a guide service on July 26th.

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    Here is the correct information for you. The season for "jack" kings ends on July 31, the same time as the regular king season for fishing on the Kasilof river. Your limit is 10 fish under 20" and in possession. The late king run has the larger fish so good luck and tight lines. The biggest fish I have seen come from Kasilof was 68lbs caught in the last week of July.
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