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    I'm probably not the only one that this has happened to, but the Parking Services people wrote me parking tickets on two different days at Ship Creek last week even though I paid my fee. I called them and they said they had an extra $3 in their count on my first one (I paid in cash) and they took care of the ticket. On the second one I paid with a check (it cleared), so I just have to send them the copy of the check from the bank website and it will be taken care of. For those of you that park at Ship Creek and pay in the cash boxes, it is a good idea to pay with a check. That way you keep the dishonest ticket writers from pocketing your money and writing you a ticket and it's easier to prove that you paid.

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    I have had those parking Nazi's ticket me in downtown too. Paid my fee. Posted it on my dash. Guess what it snowed. They could not see it. did not bother to brush the snow off. I got a ticket. I had a real good time with that phone call. I pay by my credit or debit card then I have a record of it that way too
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    I had the same issue down at Ship paying with cash last year. I called diamond parking and told them I wasn't goign to pay it and they dropped it. Just be firm and let them know on the phone that you aren't gonna pay a fine when you're in the right.


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