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Thread: Best interior Alaska day/overnight floats

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    Default Best interior Alaska day/overnight floats

    I just picked up a Denali Llama packraft, and need to break it in.

    I live in Fairbanks, have rafted/float hunted before, although not in my packraft. I'm looking for suggestions on some cool day or overnight trips that are road accessible at both points or some interesting hike in/over float out trips that folks here have done?

    I'm looking for accessibility, nice scenery, wildlife, maybe some grayling know, all the reasons someone would own an Alpacka

    Thanks in advance for your suggestions

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    Default Chena River

    I am sure you are looking for something other than the Chena, but the Chena is slammed full of Grayling and road accessible at many points.

    One option is pile driver slough from Salcha to Eielson--a nice 8 hour float or 12 if you take it to the confluence with the Tannnana. Lot's of grayling and some pike. Water levels are usually low by now though. This stream is slammed full of beaver dams also. I usually complete this float with my boy every year as soon as the ice is barely free.

    Another Option is run moose creek from Wainwright to the confluence with the Tannana.

    Good luck,

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    Default If you have

    Access to FWW / Eielson you might consider the South Fork of the Chena down to Rose Hip Campground nice little float.

    Also look to part of the lower Nenena from just below Clear to Anderson off of 17 mile slough.

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    Default Good info

    There is lots of good info on trips on the Alpaca website.

    Have fun with the boat, they certainly open up a lot of country for a person.

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    the southfork also has awsome grayling fishn!!!


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