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Thread: caribou on kodiak island

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    Default caribou on kodiak island

    has any one hunted kodiak for caribou or know aboyt it, it was a new addition supposedly last year.

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    The archives should be full of info about the reindeer (caribou) on the southwest side of Kodiak. Either Seahawk or Andrew Air can put you as near as possible to them. Usually there is a long hike to the actual animals.

    The new regulations went into effect in 2009 (I believe) as they were getting hunted pretty hard.

    I'm not sure what B & C does with them but SCI scores them a reindeer even though ADF&G lists them as caribou. In case you don't look in the archives, they are decendents of a captive herd released there about 100 years ago. They are technically reindeer.

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    Default Kodiak Boo

    Up until the new reg's came out they was an open season, no limit on them. ADF&G wanted the eradicated from the island since they were not native and where they are located is not easy to get to some not many were ever taken to begin with. If you go after them be ready for pretty swampie conditions.

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    Had 4 Buddies go out in 08, 2 of them got bulls in the 300 b&c range. They said they walked 20 miles total or so before they even saw any. The herd there is pretty small and takes some hard work but I have heard the trophy potential can be decent if you get into the right group of em.


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