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Thread: Flying up to Alaska to Hunt

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    Default Flying up to Alaska to Hunt

    Hello Folks,

    It has always been my dream to fly my Cessna 206 with floats up to Alaska from California to do some hunting.

    In doing some research, it looks like I would have to hire a guide since I am out of state?

    Also, I heard flying a private plane through Canada I would need a gun on board to protect myself, does any one know if this is true? I was thinking of bringing or sending my own rifles up to Alaska anyway and I know there is a lot more involved in bringing up rifles/guns through Canada into Alaska from the states so if anybody knows more about this subject I would appreciate any info.

    Also, where is the best place to hunt for deer in Alaska that I could get to with a float plane? I am thinking about the Kodiak or Kenai area.

    Any help or advice would be appreciated.

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    Hope your dreams come true, Clipper. If you're a US resident, you'll only need to hire a guide if your goal is a brown bear, sheep or mountain goat hunt. Otherwise you can do it yourself, or with family, friends, etc. Won't tackle the gun issue, going through Canada, but you can hunt the Sitka blacktail deer in a number of places in southeast Alaska, on Kodiak Island and a few other islands in the Prince William Sound area. We have no deer in Kenai, and only a handful in the Seward area on the Kenai Peninsula.
    Hope you make it up here!

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    Default Flying to Alaska

    Welcome, why not fly up and sightsee? Leaving your plane while you hunt may be asking for some trouble. When you want to hunt, fly up commercial and hire a bush pilot and get dropped off for your hunt. Kodiak has great Sitka Blacktail hunting. Contact Seahawk air or Andrews air and they will take care of your needs. Both are based in Kodiak.
    Good luck with your plans.
    Hunt now, as you will run out of health before you run out of money.

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    I respectfully disagree with leave your plane and use a air service. I know plenty of people that have their own aircraft and go out to hunt. That being said, bush flying in Alaska is not for the faint of heart or someone that hasn't done something similar before. On Kodiak you either land in the ocean or on of the higher lakes. Time of year will influence where the deer are. If you have the experience and training, fine, if not then Roland is correct. I am not a pilot but use air services a lot. flying through passes looking up at the mountains is always a little scary to me and I don't mind saying it.


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