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Thread: Lost Lake conditions?

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    Default Lost Lake conditions?

    Anybody been up around Lost Lake near Seward recently? Any snow still up there on the trail? Looking to possibly hike/camp with the kids this weekend! THANKS

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    I haven't been up there, but usually Lost Lake loses it's snow fairly late in the year, and judging by the amount of snow on Marathon and in Turnagain pass I would assume Lost has some decent snow still.

    let us know if you go!

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    Heard from some folks that there is still lots of snow up above the cabin, so we won't be going this weekend--have to save that one for late July or August!

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    I was able to ride all the way to the lake with only a handfull of minor snow crossing three weeks ago.

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    Just got back from there last weekend. Pretty much snow free with a few small patches of snow at the higher elevations.


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