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Thread: Seward Halibut: Any Help would be appreciated

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    Default Seward Halibut: Any Help would be appreciated

    New to the board but I have been reading threads from here for just shy of a year now. I wanted to first introduce myself. I was stationed at Fort Richardson from 1998-2002 and have since retired from the Military, unfortunately I didn't retire in Alaska where I wanted, none the less, retired.

    I have been planning a Trip back for the past 14 months. It will be myself, my two brother-in-laws and my best friend. I can't tell you how much I have enjoyed reading threads on here and preparing for this upcoming July trip. A friend who stayed in Alaska and retired said he would take us out Halibut Fishing to Montague Island which I was very thrilled at the thought of going out so far and seeing a part of Alaska I never saw when I was stationed there. We looked at the Tides and determined that the 20th of July thru the 24th of July were good tides to fish and he would take us out on the 20th of July and 21st of July which is a Tuesday and Wednesday.

    I took these days and planned our entire trip around them. Sockeye Fishing the Second Run on the Kenai the first part of our trip. I laid on a lodge for the 16th to the 19th. Anyway, to keep this from becoming dragged out. My friend who was going to take us out, just took on a new job and can't take us out on the 20th and 21st. This is causing us to reserve additional places to stay, reserve additional vehicle rentals, once again, that's not why I am writing this thread though. I was thinking of getting a 24' Kingfisher from the Fort Richardson MWR and go Halibut Fishing out of Seward. Basically, Wing it!

    With ALL of that said... Is there any Tips I can be given? Would anyone be willing to PM me a Spot or two to try our Luck? I very much appreciate any tips / techniques given and I appreciate you guys reading this long post.

    Thank you

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    I am not sure that the Army boats are allowed to go that far out. Definalty check with them about any limitations they place on the boats. Most likely you will need a military license or some of their "in house" training before you do this. I live in Seward and there are lot's of charter companies to pick from. Booking on short notice might be spotty. Send me a pm & I can give you some names to try. Good luck

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    It's worth the effort to excercise the search function, there has been alot of good information on where to find halibut out of Seward on this forum. People are generally loath to give gps coordinates, but the basics are looking for structure, i.e. shelfs that drop off in areas that see good current flow to carry food to the halibut.

    I don't know what the restrictions are on how far you can run your boat out of the harbor, but the better fishing is going to be out by the mouth of the bay, or further out. The good thing is the silvers fishing should be very good that time of year, so don't focus just on halibut.

    So far I'm generally better at giving advice on where I haven't caught halibut.

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    Thanks for the tips, much appreciated. Since my last post we got some good news in that he will be able to take us out on the 22nd and 23rd now, so I won't be getting the Kingfisher.

    Thanks anyways
    Man, July can't get here soon enough!


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