Minox Open Box Binocular Sale
We have a mixed box of as new Minox Binoculars that are from here and from trade shows. These are basically new goods but the boxes have been opened, some items have been display units. Overall everything is in as new condition. This is a wonderful opportunity to get a great deal on some high quality glass.
Please feel free to contact us with any questions or to place an order.
#62026 8x42 Arctic Hunter only $119.99
#62027 10x42 Arctic Hunter only $159.99
#62122 BD 8x32 BR ASPH only $199.99
#62123 BD 10x42 ALT BR only $249.99
#62132 BD 15x58 ED BR only $499.99
#62147 Black BL 8x42 BR only $199.99
#62152 Green BL 8x42 BR only $199.99
#62151 BD 10x44 BP only $199.99
#62155 HG 8.5x43 BR ASPH only $449.99
#62157 HG 10x43 BR ASPH only $499.99
#62159 HG 8.5x52 BR ASPH only $499.99
#62225 MD 50W Angled Spotting Scope only $189.99
#62226 MD 50 Straight only $189.99
Thanks for all the continued support.