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    OK - Time for the age old question again...instruction opinions?

    I am currently working on Sportys ground school training and plan to finish that up soon and take the test. Then its on to the flight instruction.

    Specifically, I would like to know if a perspective student like myself is better off using the services of one of the 'Merrill Field' type outfits - Aerotech, Take Flight, Land & Sea, etc, a smaller outfit like the Ruess's, or a private independent CFI. I am sure there are pros and cons to all of them.

    I would like to know who the best is - who trains the most, and what their pass / fail ratio might be. How would i find this info out?

    Any insight would be good. I am sure there is merit to trying all of them out to see who I might "fit" the best with.

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    Default good questions

    depends on what you want. You want to get the rating right now, as in before the end of the summer? Then go with the bigger school. There will be more instructor and plane availability. Most of those schools have a set syllabus that mutliple instructors teach, not quite as personalbe, but hearing/seeing it from multiple instructors is a good thing! With the smaller schools the training will be more personable, and maybe you will get more instruction in a particular area that you beach landing or off airport or something. Going with single instructor might fit your schedule well, as long as the "fit" with this person is right. This person might be "specialized" in one area that you may or may not like, that is the down side.

    I would start with one of the bigger schools, BUT check out reuss, I have never heard of a complaint from there. Then when you get yout ticket then start looking for the specialized guys for additional training in specific areas you want to go. A private pilots lisc. is a lisc to learn with!!

    When checking these schools, ask all of these good questions, and check out thier aircraft as well
    good luck and have fun


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