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Thread: Gulkana King Report

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    Default Gulkana King Report

    What's the word?

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    Default Fish count

    I don't know if this helps.... but seem like the reds are in... at the Gulkana tower located 9 miles upstream from the Sourdough campground boat launch reported a spike from 852 reds on June 16th to 2,010 reds on June 17th!

    but the Kings don't look so well... only 84 cumulative kings up to June 17th..

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    Default Fish are in, but it seems slow

    Put in a good 4.5 hours this morning starting at 4:30 or so. Water is nice and conditions good. We had one lost right at the boat and bumped another with 2 rods fishing. Saw 2 others landed as we fished, however these were jetboats pulling qwikfish and covering the holes top to bottom. Keep in mind those counts should be divided by 6 to gain the true number of fish observed at the tower. Have also heard a rumor that further restrictions (closure) may be coming later in the week.


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