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Thread: Loading data for AR25 308

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    Default Loading data for AR25 308

    Can anyone offer up some good loading data for a 308 AR? I'm interested in loads for 150, 165, 168 and 180 grain bullets. I seek a really good load for the 168 gr. Well thanks for your time and I'll hope to get some good info. One more thing....that new powder 8208 XBR, does anyone have any good info as well as data on that powder?


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    I've had great results with 4007ssc and 200gr SMK's out of a 1:10 twist 24" AR based 308. I've also loaded that same rifle with Varget and RL-15 with lighter 150gr and 168gr SMK's.

    You need to be a bit more specific with your request. The AR weapon system has a ton of variables. What exactly do you have and what type of shooting are you planning to do.

    The cases, bullets and powder choices will net different results based on your intentions. It my understanding that the new IMR-8208 is best suited for bullets on the light end of the range in 308's.
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    My favorite load is 44.0 Varget pushing a 168 SMK. The same powder with a 165 Nosler BT also prints cloverleafs. This in in my 24" 1/11.25 twist Armalite.

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    168 grain Berger hunting bullets
    43.5 Varget
    CCI primer
    1:11 twist 20 inch Bartlein barrel
    GA Precision AR-10
    Haven't chronographed it lately but the groups are 0.39

    It's a range queen, not a hunting rifle so I am happy with the combination regardless of the velocity.


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    Excellent results with varget and 165/168 also.


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