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Thread: VZ 24 Mauser.....318 or .323?

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    Default VZ 24 Mauser.....318 or .323?

    hello to everyone out there. just picked up a real nice Czech Mauser and have a question that keeps naggign me. I read a lot about how some of the rifles are .318 bore and how some are a true .323 bore. I intend on reloading for the rifle for use on caribou as kind of a throw back to the iron sight days. Is there anyway I can measure the bore at the muzzle end to find out what the dimensions truly are? I kind of assume its the 323 because its a 1937 rifle, but don't want to find out by jamming a bullet in the barrel and going to the hospital.

    Thanks for any help

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    Default 318/323?

    I'm sure there's a way to measure it, but I'll let someone with more knowledge inform you about that.

    However, it almost a sure thing that it's .323. And from the info I know of, it ain't gonna blow even if it is .318. The US made factory ammo is low pressure anyway - Fed, Rem, Win, and the PRVI ammo too.

    I would shoot some for accuracy, and if ok - there you go.

    Otherwise, send the rifle my way, and I'll figure it out and give you a report, and take real good care of the rifle too.


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    The simple way is just to measure the bore with some inside calipers. You are only looking for an inside measurement at the crown and takes longer to find your calipers than it does to make the measurement.
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    The .318 bores went away in 1905, almost 20 years before the Checzs roled out the first VZ's.

    The only way your gun would have a .318 bore is if someone did a barrel swap on your gun....not likely!

    There were some VZ/24's made as contract guns that went to South American Countries. They were 7x57's. Whished I had one of those!

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    In all the years of oggling and collecting Mausers, I have only seen one (1), 0.318" bore, and that was on a very early Guild rifle that had originally been a blackpowder rifle, then reproofed to smokeless.

    Norma and RWS make ammo that takes full advantage of the excellently efficient 8x57mm cartridge.

    As was stated, the US loadings are pathetic.
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