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Thread: braid or mono for mooching ? what # test ?

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    Default braid or mono for mooching ? what # test ?

    I'd like to get you guy's opinion. Less drag with braid but maybe pulls the hook out ? Mono strectches but too much ? Braid with long mono leader ? I'm so confused !

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    I have always used 30lb Maxima mono and a high quality GLoomis or Lamiglass rod. I've done a lot of mooching. You do get some stretch, but I've caught kings on the bottom in 300ft of water with mono/mooching. I never considered the stretch something to concern me.

    A Lamiglass "mooching special" paired with a Tekota 600lc is heaven for mooching.

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    Boy, tough call.

    I've always used mono for mooching, even as every other rod on the boat has braid. But last fall my mooching reel went TU in the middle of the day, and I switched it out for a reel with braid. Dang. I sure felt a lot more with the braid and no stretch! Cut my weight in half, too, and then I felt even more. Yeah, you have to resist the impulse to pull the rig away from fish, but that's true with mono, too. I guess that since you're feeling more with the braid, you have to resist the temptation a little longer.

    It probably boils down to your individual fishing tendencies. On my own boat and on charter boats I know well, you run into folks that simply CANNOT let a fish chew on a circle hook a little and resist the temptation to jerk when using circle hooks and bait. They'll pull the hook away from the fish time after time, and no hope for getting them to back off the trigger. The solution I use and the skippers use is to switch those folks back to a J hook.

    Maybe the same thing will decide whether to go mono or braid for mooching. If you can "behave yourself" in the hook setting, braid is going to give you more fish than mono I think. but if you have a hair trigger, you may get more fish on mono.

    Good question, and lots to ponder.

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    Default braid vs. mono

    We've mooched for silvers with both. A couple of years ago my dad and I were on silvers and got about the same number of hookups, but my dad, who was using braid lost most of his fish and I didn't with 30# mono. I attributed this to the line. The rods were about equal. Could be the stretch in the mono.

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    For shallow water silvers I prefer mono. Sometimes it's good to have some stretch in the line because braid can pull or tear the hook out of a fishes mouth when the drag is to tight. Also less tangles.

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    If you go braid, just make sure you go with a LONG, SOFT ROD.

    Longer leader can't hurt either.

    When you get bit with braid, don't swing for the moon.

    Reel into the bite, and let that nice soft rod load up til you feel the weight of the fish. Then just give a quick short abrupt lift with your wrist. No Roland Martin Bassmaster hookset needed.
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    ditto what FishnPhysician said...

    either or is fine... depending on your fishing style... personally, I would prefer mono for mooching as its stretch factor will help keep the hook from tearing out (assuming your reel drag is set appropriately..) and braid for jigging... 20-30# test should be plenty.

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    This is going to sound a little weird, but for saltwater use on casting reels, I've sworn off braid lighter than 50#. It has nothing to do with breaking strength, and everything to do with tangles. The smaller stuff is just way to hard for my fumble fingers to sort out when things go wrong.

    I agree on the soft rod, longer leaders, extra attention to the "feel" of the strike, and different style of hook sets. It's worth the attention though in my book, because we do a lot of salmon jigging in addition to mooching- both with the same rods. The braid and limited stretch is a bonus for the jigging.

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    Two of my rods have reels w/ 20# maxima mono, and two of them have reels with 30# power pro. Honestly I haven't seen an advantage with one line over the other. I've never had to fish terribly deep while mooching so the small dia advantage of braid is mute.

    The only advantage I've seen with braid is if we're between schools of silvers I'll pull up the mooching rig, swap out a metal jig and drop to the bottom to see what I'll catch.

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    Default get the best of both worlds..

    when using braid, make sure to start your reel with mono. attatch braid with a nail knot, spool the rest of the way, and tie on a barrel swivel, attatch a mono leader and now you have the best of both worlds. toughness of braid and the stretch of mono.

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    I like Maxima Ultra Geen for mooching - 25lb main line. Keep an eye on it & strip the first 50ft off occasionally, it sees the most wear. Reel on your bite if your fishing deep, than set your hook when you feel your fish. The bite is important & you really have to stay with them & reel hard if your fishing deep. Until he takes a good run pay attention and reel hard when you have to. If your knots are good I find 20lb maxima ultra green to be a good leader. I would change my leader after a fish or at the minimum pressure test it and feel the area around the hooks for frays.

    Tight lines.


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