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Thread: New guy wants to give it a try...

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    Hey guys

    I'm in the fairbanks area and want to get some fish for the freezer. Where can I head to? I'm new around here but this looks fun. I'm sure no one wants to give away there spot but I'm lookin for a push in the right direction. I don't want to drive all that way and waste a bunch of fuel for nothing.

    Thanks Much

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    find a freind to tag along to Chitna

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    Quote Originally Posted by cavtrooper94 View Post
    I'm new around here but this looks fun.
    Watch the Miles Lake numbers and water level and call Hem for timing recommendations first. Probably first time if you don't know where to go and you're by yourself, pay the $100 for the charter boat ride. If you're adventurous and have the time you might want to gear up for several days down there and do some exploring.

    Fun is a relative term. So is hard and dangerous. It all depends on what you're comparing it to. Many folks on this forum have fished the Copper for years and will tell you that it is always a challenge. For those of us who are getting older and walk in to our secret fishing holes, it is getting more difficult every year.

    AKArcher fishes the same spot I do (that's where we met) and told me that boat fishing the Copper was too easy compared to hiking in and out packing fish. But you've paid your life energy into the cost of the boat in other ways. Some of us have also witnessed the loss of boat and the near loss of life in the hazards of the Copper.

    A concern I have is that people will think that fishing the Copper is fun like fishing the Kenai or the Kasilof. It is not. It is difficult, expensive, and dangerous. In a way that's good because it is somewhat self-limiting. When the road to Haley Creek was open, you'd find all kinds of people down there in rigs that ought not to have been.

    So, whatever your condition and skill level is, remember to approach it with respect and be prepared for an outdoors experience like you were going sheep hunting or backcountry hiking. The fact that you can drive down there and walk down to the river does not negate the potential dangers.


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    Not trying to be a fish cop but, the dipnet fisheries are personal use and are only open to residents of Alaska who have legally established residence. Just don't want to see anybody have any trouble. In the Fairbanks area there is Grayling, Pike, and the Kings should start to show up soon in the Chena and Salcha. Stop by the F&G office and they have several handouts on the local area. Marina Air does some awesome Pike Fly outs, including a boat and cabin.

    Shoot me a PM and I would be wiling to share a few others.

    I served many years in the Air Cavalry myself.

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