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Thread: Anyone have any experiance with Cabela's Space Rain rain gear

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    Default Anyone have any experiance with Cabela's Space Rain rain gear

    I am looking at getting a set of these and was looking for anyones yah's or nay's on them. I will be using it fishing, caribou, moose, and sheep hunting. thanks for your help.

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    I had the full set back in 2006. The weight was great. The durability was miserable. This rain gear is not suitable for brush or use that might abrade the fabric. I had a large hole and tear punched in my pants the very first day of a wilderness moose hunt. I returned it all for a refund, though I doubt if Cabelas would willingly repeat that refund nowadays.

    If you're a hard hunter who tests his gear on some tough hunts, my advice is do not buy the Space Rain.

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    Default my Cabelas rain gear

    I have never used the Space Rain gear, but I have used the Cabelas Rain Suede Evolution rain gear. This system is very useful in AK and I have used it on 9 hunts in AK and several more in Okla. The durability is awesome, i finally wore out my pants and recently bought a new pair of the same thing. The jacket is still fully functional after much use. The pants and the parka can each be "packed" into one of their pockets, they are very good at keeping the water out, however water can be "pushed" thru the pants eventually, but most anything that is soft fabric is the same way. I carry an ultralight set of Frogg Toggs to wear over my Rain Suede when im sitting still.

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    Yeah, the Space Rain gear is designed for very limited use and will not hold up for a long amount of time. The Rain Suede Evolution is MUCH better.


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