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    Has anyone ever floated from Jim lake down the creek to the Knick River? How long is the trip? What kind of hazards along the way? Just looking for a nice easy day trip to take my son on. We fish at Jim Creek so it seems like a good choice?????? Fish along the way??? I have one of the Red Pelican canoes. Light weight and easily portaged. Any advice would be apreciated.

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    The major hazards are other boaters, but only if they don't see you around one of the bends above the Y.

    Fishing hazards are lots of grass beds to hook up on.

    Fish can be hard to deal with since they are in clear water and easily spooked once the boat traffic pick up.

    Depending on the water flow it can be hard to paddle back up once in the main stream below the Y.

    The Y is where McRoberts creek that drains Jim/Mud/Gull lakes joins Jim Creek that drains Leaf/Swan lakes. Jim Creek has a much stronger current.


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