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Thread: What Do you think of this cat?

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    Default What Do you think of this cat?

    What do you think fo this cat for fishing on the upper kenai. I was thinking about getting the small one for me and my dog.

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    For you and a dawg the 13 footer would be alrite, I like my Aire Wildcat with my dog or another person, the smaller one man I have (9') works to haul the dog too, but more cramped. Depending on budget though, some one on here recently got a 13 Sotar Sp, for a good price through Goo. If resale value or durability are an issue you would be better off if you could afford the Sotar in my opinion. But if you plan to never sell it and take very good care of it the one you linked to would be fine.
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    Never heard of that company, but those look like some pretty sweet fishing cats! I really like their raft trailers too.

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    Default These are fun easy and great rafts

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    The smaller cats you see like the first green boat is South Korean company ZEBEC factory stuff... Sol-type PVC fabric with a lot of keel-guarding material on the bottom. This gear is open for anyone that wants to put a name on 'em any style, shape, size, etc.

    In my experiences with direct orders is that 4 out of 5 full-sized rafts (like 15' self bailers) will develop issues in 1-3 years. Tho' you can get some variances in the grade of construction... smaller boats from ZEBEC do quite a bit better than larger ones --- like 20% having issues in first 2 years. The warranty stuff is truly worthless. Any company that sells these in quantity should have 'verifiable' back-up boats.

    I'm looking at my lists for these... At under $1000 quantity wholesale (shipping included < 1k)... you are paying too much after about $250-500 over that. Case in point, this is what some other retailers are pedaling around town at premiums. Prices are what they are on boats like this, so shop around --- you will see the same stuff with all kinds of brand-names resembling copy-cat watercraft.

    The big Blue Boat on the website is an NRS River Cat and NRS Frame... and of course... NOT the same at all. This one pictured in Blue is NRS all the way 100% sure and just has an oval decal on the thing. Possibly misleading or maybe not?

    The other Craigslist Fishcat ad is for a problem boat waiting to happen (vinyl bladder, low-level pvc, stitched up bag construction, low-level zips) ... Unless you nearly outright steal it --- it is not worth much.

    Would this boat you referenced on the website (guessing you are meaning the 'green one') work on the Kenai? Yes.

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    Default cheapos

    The cheapo 1 man boats work fine. I have a skeeter that is about as cheap as you can get. I picked it up on craigs for a buck fifty and have used it about 8 times on kenai and kasilof. I have another cheapo that folds up into a back pack and it works the same. The double tube fishcats are a little better but still vinyl, but they work fine even with moderate abuse.

    I put some blue styrofoam on the back of my skeeter and then glued down some toolbox lining and the dog rides there - tight yes, but fine...she is only 65 pounds.

    If you want something to last for lots of years or lots of use and have the budget go with the quality namebrands as mentioned....otherwise - get your 200$ used boat (1 man cats), use it for 4 years and then throw it away and buy another used one.


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