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Thread: Send your dog out for training?

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    Default Send your dog out for training?

    Well the wife and kids are headed to AL for a year while she attends school and I am stuck in the desert for an unknown amount of time. I was supposed to be home in April to start training my pup but it is now mid June and I will likely be here until at least early Sept or possibly even into early next year. That said I want my dog trained! Is there a training school in the South East US that anyone knows does good work w/ Springers? I am hoping to find something in AL but will look at Georgia, and the FL panhandle as well. I have some emails out to breeders in AL but thought it worth a shot posting here as well.

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    I saw that you mention Ga about a location for your dog to get some training. Not sure if you have checked out the georgia forum but they have an active site with some forums dedicated to waterfowl and gundogs and those guys would know about trainers in the area.

    go to and browse the forums

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