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Thread: 660 Bearcat WT opinions?

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    Default 660 Bearcat WT opinions?

    I'm looking at one of these sleds for hauling stuff back and forth from a cabin along a trail. I'd also like to be able to do some hunting and trapping with it as well. My experience with snowmachines has been pretty limited so any suggestions or advice you have would be appreciated. Thanks.


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    The Turbo is pretty sweet on them and they are good for a utility use but don't get one stuck.
    They have a very nice ride and handle very well while pulling.
    I know a number of people who have one and they love them.

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    Smile A Day On The Trail!!!!

    As Trailmaster for the Willow Trail Comm. let me take you on a grooming day in the Willow area. We have people try a day of gromming on a Bearcat 660 and a Yamha VK Always looking for a great day on the trail!!


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    A friend of mine bought one and has had nothing but trouble with it. They are way too big to go trapping with, and they are prone to not starting when it gets really cold, even with the block heater. I would go with a Ski-Doo Skandic 440 or 550, or if you want something ultra-reliable, get a Yamaha.

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    Yea I know a couple of guys with the Ski-Doo and they don't get 500 miles before a complete rebuild. That must be nice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MCAT View Post
    Yea I know a couple of guys with the Ski-Doo and they don't get 500 miles before a complete rebuild. That must be nice.
    Are you an Arctic Cat dealer? Ski-Doo at least has Rotax engines rather than Suzuki, and those Rotax are some of the most heavy duty gas engines ever made. I don't think I was putting Arctic Cat down with my post, just the WT660, but everyone I know that has an Arctic Cat has had trouble with it. I used to have an older Panther, and it was junk. I wouldn't own anything other than a Yamaha, I just wish they made one exactly like the Skandic Long Wide Track, which is an awesome all-around sled for bush work as well as deep snow and mountains. The guy I know with the WT660 Cat had his turbo go out on him one month into the riding season, then his starter, then a valve went faulty and he hasn't rode it since and had to go buy a Bravo to get him through the winter.

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    No I am not a dealer, just been on sleds for 30 years see it all and heard it before.

    If those Rotax motors are what you like then spend some time looking at their Tech Bulletins for all the motor updates on them.

    Last week seen 4 dead Rev/Summits in 20 miles, and everytime I go on a club ride those are the sleds we pull in.

    I'm not bashing Ski-Doo but the guys I know have had no luck with them and are planters, and in fact both of them have bought Bearcat turbos and love them.

    You were the expert with your one friend who had a Bearcat and it broke down, I just simply replied about the many friends that have had Ski-Doos and have constant problems

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    The problem with Ski doos that I have seen are the carbs and cheap throttle cables and one BIG common problem is the garbage oil pumps they put on them that are screwed to the side of the engine, where they quickly vibrate loose and quit working because the gear partially disengages. Arctic Cat/ Suzuki engines, however, use a thin Nikasil cylinder lining which quickly wears out, causing a domino effect of problems in the engine itself. I would recommend to anyone with a 2 stroke that has oil injection, even Yamaha, not only to check the condition of the oil pump and delivery lines, but to also run a 50 to 1 premix along with the oil injection. The oil injection system is putting oil in at a 100 to 1 ratio or more, and if you have a primer, you are injecting straight gas into the cylinder if you aren't premixing. I don't know a whole lot about the problems of 4 strokes--complicated, EFI, turbocharged, multi-valved monsters are a problem waiting to present itself up here in the extreme cold, thats just common sense.

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    Default to heinous

    I am 37 years old have been riding sleds since I was three started on a kitty kat gone from kitty cats through el tigre's right on through big triple cats heavily modified racing and riding, what are you talking about cats are junk everyones had problems with them?thin nikasil cylinders? you don't know much about snowmobile engines do you? I have personally run my cats as hard as you can, put them on their knees and they have been by far the most reliable of any brand I have owned or raced against! thin cylinder walls that quickly wear out? you need an education on engine technology, ski doo has a decent product back in 1969 oh and some of them blizzards were fast to but one of my sleds the baby600 triple with a set of reichard pipes reeds and 2 stage helix other than that STOCK!! will smoke your 800 ski doo every time send em home singing the blues, some guy's have trouble with their cats some with their yamahas skidoos pol's etc it's a machine don't call cats junk that is extremely uneducated, if you insist I'll come ride with you after a few hundred miles I'll smoke anything you've got and keep riding my bad RELIABLE catt!

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    Default 660wt

    I have a 2005 Bearcat 660 WT four cycle that has over 4200 miles on it. I am the second owner and so far I like this one. Yes it is heavy and it may not start in the low minus temps but I am not out at -30 any way. The thing I really like is the four cycle engine, how quite it is and no 2cycle smoke/smell. Another down side is the cost of parts if one needs to work on the engine. I just hope that I have no need to work on the engine. To help save the old back, we also have a Warn snow winch that has come in handy.

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    Heinous Berzerker you can defend SkiDoo all you want, but they use nikasil cylinders on most of their sleds now, too. Same goes for every other 2 stroke on the market.

    The turbo 660 motor has dozens of years as a Japanese car motor behind it before Cat ever put it in a sled. Big, yes. Heavy, yes. It can also tow a huge load, ride comfortably, and start reliably with synthetic oil.
    Bunny Boots and Bearcats: Utility Sled Mayhem


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