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Thread: Favorite handloads for the .416 Remington

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    Default Favorite handloads for the .416 Remington

    What are your favorite handloads for the 416 Remington for use in AK?
    I've worked a nice load for Barnes or MagTip 350 gr bullets using RL-15. 79 gr behind the 350 gr gives 2410 vel on my chrony. That makes it 2.5" high at 100 yds and 6.5" low at 250 yds with 4500 ft-lbs at the muzzle.....I'm headed to the range soon.

    I'm going to try 82 gr of RL-15 for about 2525 vel with the 350 gr bullet gives right at 5000 En. Should be good for ANYTHING!!!....Barnes or Swift A-frame 350 gr. bullet.....only 4" low at 250 yds with 3000 ft-lbs left at that distance.

    That's my "big gun"

    As BRWNBR says....does this 416 Remington make my butt look big??


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    The 416 Rem is a nice round. Pretty easy to load for. A little too much gun IMO for most hunting. It has its place tho. It along with the host of similar 416s are at home for the big bears and for sure in Africa on such as Cape Buffalo. My gun likes about 73 gr Varget under the 400 gr Swift A Frame. MV right at 2300. For the 400 gr penetrating bullets about the same load. Keeps things simple. The reasonable MVs thus impact velocities, really have their place for increasing penetration- considering bullet deformation. Although haven't tried them, I'm sure the 400 gr "non-steroid A Frame"... the Nosler Partition, would do similarly well at those velocities.

    Interesting side note using nearly identical Win 70 platforms. Maybe just me but the recoil with the above 400 gr load in the 416 Rem "feels" about the same as a slightly faster load in the 375 HH pushing the 300 gr bullet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Silver Tip View Post
    What are your favorite handloads for the 416 Remington for use in AK?
    I often carry a 416 RM and I've found that RL 15 is about as good as it gets in it. I've also used IMR 4064, but its no better IME. I've had excellent results at the range and in the field with the 350 Speer Mag Tip and I use enough RL 15 to make it fly almost 2600 fps. The recoil is a bit heavier but its trajectory is similar to a 180 grain 30/06 so its flat enough for all but the longest shots IMO. I've loaded the 400 grain Barnes XLC solid, just for kicks, and I've just begun using the 400 grain Hornady RN Interlock. I load enough RL 15 to get the Hornady to 2450 fps and accuracy and POI (at 50-100 yards) is so similar with the 350 Speer that it can be ignored in most situations.

    I really can't explain why I've moved to the 400 Hornady as the 350 Speer is absolutely devastating on AK game; I guess it just felt like the right thing to do. I've many boxes of the Hornady Interlocks and the Speer Mag Tips so I can use whatever moves me at the time. I doubt you'll find the 416 RM lacking this fall--I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


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