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Thread: Testimoniy's for Bait Em 907 Products

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    Default Testimoniy's for Bait Em 907 Products

    Well with it being a weird season and all. I have had some luck. We were hit earlier than last year. The bear then dissapeared for a bit. One came back and ended up dead. Been slow ever since still. Checked the bait last night and have activity again.

    The anise bait ball was smelling up the area pretty good with all the rain. I have an anise bag also hanging, test product. I could smell it last night standing down wind, creek near by. Bait ball and bag been hanging for awhile. At least two weeks before I shot my big bear.

    My bait is good and has scent to it. The bait ball hung up high has a better scent and is always there. Bait doesn't stink as much and as well when wet, the 907 bait balls smell even more when wet and around moisture!! Cheap investment and insurance!! Well time to get ready and go shoot another bear, hopefully.

    Post up guys who use Bait Em 907 products.

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    I tried it this year along with a few other things in the past. I liked the products that I did use, but Im thinking next year I really want to use nothing but the baitem products. Thats gonna be my goal.

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    This is my second year baiting and my second year using products from Baitem907. Just as last year I continue to be impressed with the products, and not only the products but Jess. She is a great lady, best customer service you can ask for and makes awesome products that work and are affordable. This year I used the Marshmallow ball, blueberry gel balls, and cherry attractant spray(thanks for the freebie Jess ). Luckily this year I hung my scent ball correctly and the bears never ate it yet. But you can clearly see where they tore up the ground trying to get to it and trying to dig up the scent that drops to the ground. The gel balls seem to work too, I truly the believe they help "track" the scent around the woods. And the attractant spray, seems to work pretty darn good. I use it whenever I hear a bear in the brush wanting to come in but they smell me. I get the scent in the air and effectively, they just cant help but come in. If you can't check your bait every few days and only weekly, these products help to keep the bears around even if you can't refresh your bait. Simply put the products from Baitem907 are effective, affordable and yeah...just buy 'em and find out on your own.
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