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Thread: kings are in on the Nushagak

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    Default kings are in on the Nushagak

    just had some great fishing on the nush,f&g said 12000 all ready passed the counter,lots of fun and hardly a soul on the water,weather a bit tough but the great fishing made up for it.

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    Thanks for the report. Two weeks!

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    Default Two days. . .

    Guess I'll be tying leaders tomorrow. Latest counts dropped off a little but still good enough.

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    Default Two weeks for me...

    I'll be there with the wife over 4th of July weekend for 3 full days of fishing. Hoping the run is still coming in strong then. We are going to be primarily fishing around Portage Creek area. I have rented a boat and plan on going at this on our own. Iv'e fished the Nush one other time a few years back and we slayed right downstream of Portage Creek. Just wondering if there is any advice if things fall off as far as daily counts go? Like do you chase the fish upstream, and how far? What side of the river do you run up (It splits upstream of Portage Creek). Checking numbers from the past few years it looks like decent counts are still coming in around the 1st of July, but need to have a contigency plan if we need to find some fish!



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    Default Day to Day

    Friday below Portage was great for this early. Sat and Sun not so great. The water level is extremely high due to the large tides. Caught fish every day. Headed back Thursday. One big storm/blow and the river will be flooded with fish.


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