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Thread: chena frist bridge to Nordale road?

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    Default chena frist bridge to Nordale road?

    Hi new to the forum, been trolling a while. Any one know the travel time for the first bridge to Nordale? Im in a 18' Cat

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    Default No motor

    Witht he current water levels you would going about 4-5MPH versus 3 on average. Lots of dead water along the way. Expect 3 days. I have not been donw this year expect Log jams could be a portage or two worse case. The Flood control down to Nordale will take you one day. The First Bridge Mile 37.8 to the Flood Control expect two days.

    Remember a Cat is slower than a Canoe.

    Last time I ran it I used a Cat and a 4 horse took one entire 16 hour day to float hunt and motor from just about Rose Hip on the south fork to the dam.

    Hope the data helps eh.

    Good Floating

    Richard Mousseau
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