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Thread: dogs in rafts

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    Default dogs in rafts

    should i be worried about my new black lab and her claws on my nrs otter?

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    I have an Avon raft, and I routinely take two Chesapeakes, a Water Spaniel, and a Beagle out in the raft for swimming and play sessions. The dogs love jumping in & out of the raft, and I haven't seen any sign of their nails damaging the raft material. My current raft has a couple year's worth of the dogs abuse, again with no issues whatsoever, so I wouldn't be concerned that a Lab's nails will cause any damage to your raft.


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    My labs love riding around in my NRS Otter. The only thing you'll have to worry about is them jumping overboard at inopportune times. One of mine did that half way thru the war zone on the Kenai. Luckily he was tied to a leash and I could haul him in before he got hooked. Dam labs.

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    No problem at all. I would never have my dog leashed while in the raft though. The potential for them getting hung up on something is too great. My younger dog jumped from the raft 4 times on her first trip. I let her swim long enough in the fast moving water that the next time that she decided staying in the boat was a better idea. But, there weren't as many ducks the next trip so maybe that was it and not my training?

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    my lab mix goes on every rafting trip. she has fallen out of the boat(14' cat), but that is because she gets up to the edge and all it takes is a hard pull on the sticks and splash. she has shown some interest in jumping out as we get close to shore, but that is likely cause she wants to stretch her legs a bit and is sick of being in the boat. i also think she equates getting close to shore with landing the boat(smart dog). i would never leash my dog to the boat, too dangerous. just my $.02. take care, abel6wt


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