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Thread: Russian report for 6-13

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    Post Russian report for 6-13

    Went down early am yesterday. Fishing is still very slow. Fish can be caught but your still gonna have to work for them for the most part. Spent the early morning hours 5am to 8am working from grayling down the marker chasing bows. 3 nice bows in the 16" range on beadhead princess nymphs. Did not see any silver bullets pushing up the river at all at that time.

    I am not a combat zone guy but had 3 friends camping down there who wanted to go. We ended up just short of guardrail corner. Deep trough there. Reds were laying up in there. Took about 3 hours to limit out. Around 10 fish hooked. All but one legal and landed my limit. Gave my new Sage VT2 7 wt a nice workout for sure. Lots of fun.

    Reds are starting to stack up in the sancturary. Probably around 1000 of them in there now. Water on the russian is up but not to high. Kenai is still high and is a cold as i can remeber it. Needless to say the twig and berries got a little chilled fishing in that deep hole yesterday.

    It sure was a nice drive down at 3am, meeting up with friends, catching fish, oh and NOT going to work. Yes I had permission and did not call in sick. So there is my report.
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    nice report thanks

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    Talking King String

    Good stuff, Chuck. Thanks for sharing.

    By the way, that's a super heavy-duty fish stringer you've got there. Seat belt?

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    Nice...Gotta Love that blue blank...I think I need another one...
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    So I am a seasoned Washington Salmon fisher never fished Reds though. I was downstream from the ferry maybe 250 yards didn't cross though. the 3 guys next to me caught a few I had nothing what do I need to do differently or where should I be going??

    Sorry for the threadjack!

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    Default Ferry

    Go across, turn left, keep walking, watching, and trying. Watch some more and keep trying. Then watch the people catching fish some more.

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    your the guy I like to throw rocks at while I am getting skunked!!!!!!!!!! LOL


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