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Thread: Playing with Dollys.....

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    Default Playing with Dollys.....

    I couldnt resist.......

    Pixis with pink centers, only kept the bigguns'
    These guys are running Kotzebue Sound and its rivers.
    The record came from a bit North outta the Wulik river by Kivalina, but these are going by Noorvik right now.
    Good baked, boiled, fryed or frozen with Seal oil and Tobasco

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    Default Salvation fish...

    Good fish to target when the salmon aren't coperating. They are very agressive egg chasers. Once landed they are quite the squirmer, and if you intend to harvest them a ready rag or glove will assist your grasp. You can firm up the fillets by soaking them in salt water.

    This fish is also an excellent smoker...

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    Default Dollies

    The state record is by one of Kenny Ubans son's on the Wulik back in 06 I think. 27.7 pounds! The Wulik, Wrench Creek, the Kelly and the Kug all produce som very nice Dollies!

    Worth checking out guys!


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