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Thread: What do you think of Liberty Archery bows

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    Exclamation What do you think of Liberty Archery bows

    I saw a article on the Liberty Archery bows and what do you think of them ..The article was about hunting in Africa with the bow and it gear for the Africa game animals and how it was set up ..

    So do you think it has a place in Alaska for hunting big game animals or should it stay in the area of deer sized animals when hunting up in the back country ..

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    I'm assuming you are talking about the liberty compounds?

    Reason I ask is I shoot a liberty Longbow built by Allen Boice.

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    this bow is small and compact compound bow is a picture of it.

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    There is another thread about the liberty........Weird bows or bizarre bows.....something like that. General consensus seemed to be the bow is overly complicated and no one seemed to think it would be stable or very durable.

    They are not cheap! Why not just get a bow with decades of proven design performance, lots of very durable reliable compounds available. Better yet get a long bow, they have over 10,000 years of proven effectiveness.
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