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Thread: snowmachine rifle mounting

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    Question snowmachine rifle mounting

    Like to get ideas on mounting a rifle ( in a hard case or soft case) to my snowmachine where it is easy to get at but does not take the brunt of a machine rollover. I had a bad experience mounting a hard shell case so it rested on the running board and stuck up above my machines rear rack. Thanks, Handymanak

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    Default Hood mount

    Uncle Mike's zippered nylon case on snow machine hood. I attach gun boot with bunjis, rope or nylon straps to four metal D rings held by short, flat nylon strap loops about 3' long.
    After putting strap in a vice, I drill a 1/4" hole through both ends. (You can also heat up an awl and melt your holes.) Loop the D ring in the nylon strap, push 1/4 " x 3/4 or 1" bolts through the holes in nylon through 1/4" holes made in hood. (Look before you drill!) Fender washers both under hood and outside of the nylon. (Next to bolt head & nylon lock nut) Set up has allowed my rifles to survive many "tip overs" and even a couple 360s over the last 15 years and three different snowmachines. My last machine had setup on each side; a "tundra double rifle".


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