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Thread: snowmachine rifle mounting

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    Question snowmachine rifle mounting

    Like to get ideas on mounting a rifle ( in a hard case or soft case) to my snowmachine where it is easy to get at but does not take the brunt of a machine rollover. I had a bad experience mounting a hard shell case so it rested on the running board and stuck up above my machines rear rack. Thanks, Handymanak

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    I use a Kolpin case bolted at three points on the right side of the cowling. I use long 1/4" bolts with 1/2" conduit cut to length to give the right tilt to the scabbard. I discard the rear cover on the Kolpin case and have a hand sewn canvas cover for the buttstock with elastic to snug up around the opening of the rear of the case to keep snow off of the rifle. I retain it with a velco strp that wraps around the case handle. The rifle is right there above the cowling with the buttstock ahead of me knee as it sits under the right edge of the windshield. The canvas cover can be quickly removed and the rifle extracted for use. I also place another rubber strap midway along the cowling/tub junction to keep the cowling where it should ride in the closing groove. I have used this system for many generations of Polaris snowmachines. My rifle has always held zero well. I have snapped a buttstock when the machine rolled over on very hard snow. This system will not work on the Rev style Skidoos.

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    Dimrod, not sure how you use the 1/2" conduit. Any pics? I'm looking to put the mount on my 2003 indy trail rmk,handymanak

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    Here's how I do it. Kinda hard to get much protection from roll overs. You could just carry it over your back.
    That is a 2002 RMK
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    Default guns and rollovers

    I like these soft sided cases for the same reason, I roll my machine somtimes. I have never had a gun get knocked aroudn with this setup.

    My machine is the polaris. the skidoo behind mine has two leather scabbards also, one on each side.

    a rear view

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    Default Uncle Mike's on the hood.

    The picture of the 2002 RMK is similar to what I do.Uncle Mike's zippered nylon case on snow machine hood. I attach gun boot with bunjis, rope or nylon straps to four metal D rings held by short, flat nylon strap loops about 3" long.
    After putting strap in a vice, I drill a 1/4" hole through both ends. (You can also heat up an awl and melt your holes.) Loop the D ring in the nylon strap, push 1/4 " x 3/4 or 1" bolts through the holes in nylon through 1/4" holes made in hood. (Look before you drill!) Fender washers both under hood and outside of the nylon. (Next to bolt head & nylon lock nut) Set up has allowed my rifles to survive many "tip overs" and even a couple 360s over the last 15 years and three different snowmachines. My last machine had setup on each side; a "tundra double rifle".
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    Thanks for all the great input and pictures. I'll keep checking my post in case someone else wants to chime in. Handymanak


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