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Thread: Anchorage Framing Shops?

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    Default Anchorage Framing Shops?

    Can anyone recommend a place to get a couple pictures framed here in ANC? I would prefer if at all costs avoiding downtown.

    I tried a google search of this forum but all it brought up was framing as in structures haahahhaha

    Thanks for any help in advanced!


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    Not in Anchorage, but I have had some nice images framed on the website Imagekind. You just download your image, pick the frame, mat/mats, and order. Not cheap, but a very high quality framed image. If you visit the website, select "custom frame". Using this option allows you to choose from numerous frames, mats, etc.. Nice stuff and you can shop from your home.

    Below is an image I had printed the other week. Hard to see in the small image below, but it has a black frame, iris (purple-ish) main mat, and a charcoal thin inner mat. Had it done in 24"x16" so the final image was like 32"x24". Turned out very nice.

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    I run a complete frame shop out of my home. Chop saw, vacuum mount press, 60 inch mat cutter, etc. Can order pretty much any molding and mat colors you would like as well as cut the mats fancy. Or add paw prints, state cut outs, etc into the mat. All finished with non glare glass. I know for certain my prices are about half of "Picture This" which is a frame shop and art gallery in Eagle River.
    Stop my my booth at Saturday Market to see my framing work. I am on the first row (along 3rd Ave). Easy to find, just look for the booth with all the Alaska Wildlife and the paw prints, etc cut into the mats. Am only there on Saturdays.
    If that doesnt work call me at home. 694 0898. Price for framing depends on what materials you pick out. My labor charge is constant.

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    Thanks for the link! Was very interesting clicking around on the site.

    I prefer to support local businesses so i'm on my way to the saturday market. Never been there before so if you don't hear from me in a week I got lost downtown, mugged, sent out sea etc.

    If anyone else has any suggestions do tell!


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