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    Is there anybody around Fairbanks that sells 2F and 4F blackpowder? Or maybe someone can give me some alternative options for a sparktosser as I've only ever used blackpowder but it seems to be impossible to get around here

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    Can't help you out much for Fairbanks. But Great Northern Guns use to carry black powder in Anchorage. Probably still do, just haven't been in there in awhile. If you or someone you know if traveling to the big city, GNG might be your best option.

    I shot 777 as my main charge out of my flintlock for quite awhile. It worked decent. Didn't ignite as quickly as regular black powder but acceptable. Loose Pyrodex was horrible for igniting out of my flintlock. Not sure you have many other options other than straight 4Fg for the pan though.

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    I don't know about Fairbanks, but Nor'West Trading is a supplier in the Interior. GNG still stocks it in Anchorage, if you're down that way.

    As for function in a flinter, yeah, you really need real black for the pan, at least. And any of the subs will work better if you drop about 10 grains of real black down the bore first, as well. I've gotten away from 4f altogether. It really "sucks" moisture out of the air even when the rain isn't happening. I've been perfectly happy with 3f in the pan, allowing me to use just one horn for both prime and main charge. I haven't tried it myself yet, but I'm hearing reports that even 2f is a good pan powder, and slower to pick up moisture from the air than even 3f on rainy days.

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    I never tried 3F or 2F in my pan, but I definitely like the idea of only having to carry one powder flask. Less moisture absorbing traits make the idea even better.

    I can tell you what does not work: grinding up 777 into a finer granule and placing that in the pan. I once drove 1 hour to a hunting spot once only to get out of my vehicle, load my flintlock and realize my pan charger was empty. Ugghh! "Well, I drove this far, I'm not going home just yet" I thought. So I took some 777 and ground it up and put that in my pan. Half an hour later I got my shot on a whitetail and there was such a long delay between the hammer dropping and the main charge going off, it felt like I had time to set the timer on my watch. Yeah, it was bad. Needless to say I missed badly. I didn't bother reloading, I just walked back to the vehicle and went home Lesson #328 learned: always check the pan charger before leaving home.

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    Ugh. Nightmare stuff!

    It's my understanding that the problem with all substitutes is ignition temperature. It's just a lot higher for them than for real black powder, no matter what the grain size.

    I think the real test of black is coming for me. I've got some 1f powder coming to try with shot loads and general use in my Brown Bess. One of the first things I'll try is priming with it. Back to one horn for both uses if possible.

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    I've never used anything except the various granulations of BP. I tried Triple 7 in a Cap'n Ball revolver I used to own, but it seemed too violent, and I stopped using it. Later, I used some of it in my 357, and theres still some in the jug.

    I heard somewhere that Pyrodex was hard to ignite, and acquired moisture, faster, easier than BP. I dunno about Triple 7, or the other substitutes.

    I like the real thing. BP is messy, but it's pretty easy to clean up with just water, or maybe soapy water, depending.

    3F didn't work worth a hoot for priming a Flintlock I usta own, but it was a very SMALL lock.

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