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    I know it is close to the time to take out bait stations. The only bad thing is that we have 2 bait stations set up and it seems that we have hit a brown bear nest. There are soooooo many browns in there that we can't even get back to out station to check the cam to even see if there are blacks. My buddy went in there the other day and got chased up a tree before he even got there. We are going to try going in there with an army to get them out. 5 guys 4 rifles and 4 handguns. I was wondering if anyone else was having this problem in Unit 7.

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    Good Luck. Its still not to late.

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    Make sure you know "who" the slowest runner is in the bunch and don't get behind him!

    Good luck! Hope you get a blackie and some pics!
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    Oh we will have lots of pics... just not of any blacks... so far we have at least 8 different browns on cam... I am sure that it is full now of nothing but them... and they are some big ones... lets just say we had a bait ball at least 15 feet up... yeah that is no longer there and it looks like a bull dozer came in and tore up all the ground around our barrel... No I understand why it is a draw in unit 7... if anything it should be a draw for blacks and shoot as many browns as you can... looks like i am heading north next year.

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    Weird year in Unit 7. I shot HUGE bear two weeks ago this coming saturday. Something has been back since, but no pics, and no sightings sitting the bait between 3 of us. Last year was a good year. Have pics of what seems to be maybe 4 blacks early on, as of last saturday, nothing. Still lots of snow in the area though. I think just a slow year. Hoping it will be busy at the end of the season we all get a bear, me hopefully 2nd.

    Go north to unit 22 or something where you can bait, could anyways, bait grizzly.


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