Mixed Bag of Optics from Past Sales
In the last few weeks we posted all types of super blow out deals.. Mixed Box of Optics, Refurb Zeiss Conquest Scopes, Mixed Swarovski deals, etc.
We still have some of these, those and the other items as well as a few things that have come in that we added so.......
Here's the list in no particular order:
*This is a demo of the New Swarovski EL 8.5x42 Swarovision #34108 Binocular with the objective flip down caps, case & strap for only $1899.99
Swarovski ATS-80 or STS-80 Spotting Scope with Swarovski 20-60x Zoom Eyepiece - New, only $1749.99
Zeiss 8x56 Victory FL T* Binocular Lotutec #525608, in Black. This is in the box, with the case, strap and caps for only $1799.99
Vortex Diamondback 3-9x40 BDC (Open box but never mounted) for only $159.99
Nikon 8x42 Monarch ATB Binocular #7524 without a box, in camo for $169.99 with the case, strap and caps
Nikon #7525 Monarch 10x42 Camo demo with no box, but it has the case, strap and caps for only $199.99
Vortex Diamondback 4-12x40 AO Plex (Open box but never mounted) for only $229.99
Steiner #239 Predator Pro 10x26 Binocular for only $149.99
Pentax PF-80ED Straight Spotting Scope with the Pentax SMC 20-60x Zoom Eyepiece (Open Box, mint like new) for only $899.99
Nikon Sportstar 10x25 DCF Binocular #7492. This is in the box, with the case & strap for only $49.99.
Bushnell 8x32 Instant replay Binocular / 3.2MP Camera, product # 18-0833. You've got me. I looked on line by model # to get some info on this. It seems to be a binocular that you can take pictures and videos with. Wild. Looks complete like new. only $199.99
Zeiss Victory 8x32 FL T* Binocular Lotutec #523232 Green Demo. This is in the box, with the case, strap and caps for only $1499.99
Zeiss Victory 7x42 FL T* Binocular Lotutec #524540 Black Demo. This is in a box, with the case, strap and caps for only $1499.99
Vortex 6.5-20x50 PA Riflescope with Mildot reticle for only $349.99, never mounted
Nikon 8x40 Binocular. I have no idea which model it is. It is made in Japan, is waterproof and has a 6.5* FOV. I know this because that's what printed on the rubber armor coating. No case, strap or caps only $69.99. Seems like a nice glass.
Zeiss Victory 10x45 T* RF Demo #524518 This is perfectly like new in the box, with the case, strap and caps for only $2449.99
Leica #50010 ER 2.5-10x42 Plex Riflescope, never Mounted with Leica 10 Year Warranty for only $1299.99.
Zeiss PRF 8x26 Non-Lotutec as new demo Laser Rangefinder #52460 only $539.99
Leica 8x50 Ultravid Black. No box. This comes with the case, strap and flip down objective caps only $1099.99 with a Leica 10 year warranty
Minox BD 15x58 ED BR with tripod adapter, case, strap and caps. Display unit in as new condition $499.99.
Leica 10x50 Ultravid Black #40276. This comes in the box with the case, strap and flip down objective caps only $1299.99 with a Leica 10 year warranty
Minox MD-50 Spotting Scope Demos (As new condition) in your choice of Straight or Angled @ only $189.99
Zeiss Victory 8x45 T* RF Demo #524516 This is in the box, with the case, strap and caps for only $2299.99
Swarovski PV 2.5-10x56 with 4A reticle, #57063 only $1049.99. As new, never mounted.
Nikon Sporter I 8x36 DCF Binocular #7368 This looks new, with caps, case in the box @ $69.99
Minox HG 8.5x52 BR ASPH Binocular, #62159. This is an as new display unit and it's only $499.99.
Swarovski Laser Guide 8x30 We just got in a couple of Swarovski Laser Guide 8x30's from Sarovski that I believe were salesmans demo units. They are very clean, but a couple had straps on them which lead me to believe these were more than the usual couple of day display units at shows. For this reason we are offering them for only $729.99. Yes, these do come with the holster.
Zeiss Conquest Riflescope BLOWOUT SALE
Here is an updated list of the Zeiss Conquest Riflescopes that are marked as refurbs. What exactly is "refurb" about them is beyond me as most of them look brand new or darn close to it, and they come with the full lifetime transferable warranty.
Model #..... Description
5214209920 3.5-10X44 CONQUEST #20 RET $499.99
5214209971 3.5-10X44 CONQUEST #71 RET RAPID-Z 600 $569.99
5214309972 4.5-14X44 CONQUEST #72 RET RAPID-Z 800 $639.99
5214349972 4.5-14X44 CONQUEST S/S #72 RET RAPID-Z 800 $679.99
5214509943 6.5-20X50 CONQUEST AO #43 RET $739.99
5214509973 6.5-20X50 CONQUEST #73 RET RAPID-Z 1000 $799.99
5214549920 6.5-20X50 CONQUEST S/S #20 RET $759.99
5214549973 6.5-20X50 CONQUEST S/S #73 RET RAPID-Z 1000 $799.99
5214559973 4.5-14X44 CONQUEST # 73 RET RAPID-Z 1000 $649.99
5214609971 3-9x40 CONQUEST #71 RET RAPID-Z 600 $439.99
5214709908 3-12X56 CONQUEST #8 RET $699.99
5214809920 3-9X50 CONQUEST #20 RET $439.99
5214809971 3-9x50 CONQUEST # 71 RET RAPID-Z 600 $489.99
5214859920 3.5-10X50 CONQUEST #20 RET $539.99
5214859972 3.5-10X50 CONQUEST #72 RET RAPID-Z 800 $599.99
5214909920 4.5-14X50 CONQUEST #20 RET $599.99
5214909973 4.5-14X50 CONQUEST #73 RET RAPID-Z 1000 $679.99
5214919920 4.5-14X50 CONQUEST H #20 RET $599.99
5214919972 4.5-14X50 CONQUEST H #72 RET RAPID-Z 800 $679.99
5214929920 4.5-14X50 CONQUEST H S/S #20 RET $649.99
We have priced these to move, so please call Doug or Neil to place an order as first served gets them. There are some that we have multiples of.
Please feel free to call with any questions. I will be checking e-mails and PM's, however, calling is the fastest way to make sure you get what you want.
Thanks for all the support that we receive.