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Thread: Help me get outside!

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    Default Help me get outside!

    So I just came home from the doc with some very frustrating news.

    Basically, for the next 3-4 weeks, I can do nothing. No walking more than a mile, if that. Absolutely no hills, and absolutely no weight. This is a problem, since we've got every weekend this summer planned with hiking and backpacking! Obviously the plans have to get canned, but if I can't get out I think I'll go crazy.

    I'm looking for some car-accessible places to camp in the Los Anchorage area. Would like to stay as far away from crowds as possible. What do you suggest?

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    What activities do you want to do? Car accessible, close to anchorage, not crowded.... Pick any two

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    Yeah, I was afraid the "pick two" rule would be in effect. In that case, I'll sacrifice nearness!

    I'm not sure what I want to do... Maybe this is a good time to learn how to fish?

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    Default Williwaw campground @ Portage

    The campground is paved with lots of space in between the sites. The sites on the back side have the creek running behind them. Just hanging around a campfire listening to the water run is pretty good.

    There is a 3-4 trail loop, pretty flat, gravel w/ bridges and boardwalks.

    There is a small museum at the Portage visiters center.

    If you're feeling flush, you can take the boat to the glacier.

    Also, I haven't been yet but Eklutna Lake has a long, flat former road bed you can walk, it goes along the side of the lake for 13 miles.

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    Contact the guys at Ft Rich. There are tons of lakes there to camp on, with little to no people. Right in your backyard.
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