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Thread: Anchorage fishing June 28th-30th

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    Default Anchorage fishing June 28th-30th

    So I'm heading to Anchorage for work on the 28th thought 30th. I was hoping to spend some time in the evenings chasing something. I know it sounds crazy but I'm not terribly interested in chasing salmon. I can get plenty of those down here. And my pack rod is pretty light weight so it won't handle a king anyway, but it will handle a pike or rainbow. Anybody have a good recommedation for some evening fishing?

    After reading the "Pike Shotgun" thread I considered trying lower fire lake, but it seems like you need a boat of some sort to access the productive portions of the lake. Where would you guys go for some evening entertainment fishing?

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    Default Rainbow

    If your interested, pm or email me, and ill show you a few local lakes.

    I'm fairly new to the area myself, and not into Salmon also. But I do fish for rainbows and dollys litterally everyday. Lately I've been doing great for numbers (about 10 a hour) but poor on size (mostly 8 - 14 inch trout). But like I said if your interested in catching a pile of trout of decent size, email me. I can also provide you a list of lakes, baits, and locations to try, all within Anchorage, and all from shore.


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