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Thread: Kotzebue info needed

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    Default Kotzebue info needed

    I'm traveling to Kotzebue for a few days 21,22 June just curious if there is any fishing there that time of year around town? Or anything else that may be fun to do while there.I will coming from Fairbanks may be able to bring somebody up some goods if anybody needs anything.

    Thanks Much,Tim
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    I've seen people fish off the bank, dock, etc in times past. Think they caught an occaisionsl sheefish. Should be dollies out there as well.
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    pm danattherock he will give you good info
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    Spoon Doctors, as big as you can get 'em for Sheefishing along Kotzebues Front Street, the bigger the spoon, Bigger the fish (big mouths) regular Pixi's with a pink or red center for Dolly Varden, same shore line.

    Yesterday I caught a couple dozen Dollys here and keep all that were over 5 lbs, and Sheefish are comming this way soon......I posted a vid in the "Pantry" forum from a week or so ago, but the cast fishing is getting 'Hot!'.....

    If I 'Hook' into a good school of Sheefish I'll post the action....
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