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    Hi all. I joined the forums here a couple of years ago and posted a few times until life got in the way. One of the things in the way being that I moved from Fairbanks to Anchorage this past fall. Since I didn't post for a while I guess they cancelled my membership. Signed back up with the same username so some my remember my brief prior visit. Anyhow, I'll post a few pics from time to time and try to stay active this time.

    Here's one of the Sleeping Lady taken from the front porch of our new house.

    And dogs seem to be a popular theme here...

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    Ah Sleeping Lady...I miss that view and the late night summer silhouette of Denali from my cabin last year. Fairbanks area is beautiful too, but I do miss some of the sights from the Matsu. Anyway, great shots and welcome back!

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    I see your older forum name is spelled differently. Perhaps you forgot the space in your original forum name, ("Juan Valdez"), as the new account you made is JuanValdez without the space. At any rate, just saying hello and wondered if this simple typo prevented you from logging into your older account.

    Later man.

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    That would do it. Getting old I guess. I've used the same user name elsewhere and never use the space. So now there are two of me


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