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Thread: Alpacka Paddles

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    Default Alpacka Paddles

    Im looking for recommendations or suggestions about which paddle to get for my soon-to-be Alpacka Denali Llama Raft? Im about 6'2" tall, and don't have much experience rafting...yet. So I know length, weight, durability, and packability should be the major factors, along with any others?

    Do you have any experience with Alpacka Paddles? Any thoughts or recommendations?

    Im leaning towards the Sawyer, Splat Carbon or Manta Ray. Not sure how much difference there is among those three, other than the price!

    Thanks a lot in advance.

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    Splat is pretty dependable. I broke a Sawyer, sent it in and paid for repair and reinforcement and then cracked the other blade. I would only recommend for the flattest water. Even then I'd be very careful with it.

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    Default Go with the Splat

    I have the Manta Ray (1st paddle) and the Splat, I love the Splat so much better for a great all-around paddle.

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    I've got the Manta Ray. I am no expert, but it has served me well.

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    My paddles are yellow paddles with 4 piece black shafts and they say aqua bound on them. Not sure what model that is but they seem to work for everything I need.

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    I purchased my shred at AMH and I have used the splats (and I was there when "whitepalm" broke the Sawyer). If I had to buy a new paddle today it would be the splat. I like it better than the shred because it feels lighter and I was able to adjust the angle of the two blades whereas on the shred that is not possible.


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