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    I have to decide within the next couple of days when to take a one week vacation for Kenai dipnetting. I try to avoid dipping on the weekends. I have a choice of 19 - 23 July or 26 - 30 July. Any advice would be appreciated.

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    That's a tough one to call, as the run varies year to year and the historic timing is averaged over several years, which makes the run peaks look wider than they actually are.

    Personally I try and hit the first peak, which typically falls in July 15th-18th.

    Based on your options, I'd say the last week of the month is probably a better bet of hitting the second hump of the run, vs. the 19th - 23rd which could put you on the lull between the peaks. But, don't come looking for me if it's an early run and you miss both peaks, or a late run and you're on the lull between the peaks.

    I'd much rather deal with the hoards on the weekend and have a solid spike coming through, then be there midweek with slow fishing.

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    Check this chart to pick your best time:


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    Thanks for the responses. I think I'll go with the second week - as Paul said, it looks better for avoiding the usual lull between peaks. I'll consult an astrologer and the Psychic Hotline just to make sure.


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