Estimating the Inriver Abundance of Copper River Chinook

In another thread I wondered if there were fish wheels down river from Woods Canyon that Hem was getting intel from. I found the fish wheels, but can't tell you if Hem is getting info from them.

The US Fish and Wildlife Service (NOT ADF&G) has been operating fish wheels at Baird Canyon and the lower end of Wood Canyon since 2001. I did not know that.

"The purpose of this project was to use fishwheels and two-sample mark-recapture methods for long-term monitoring of Chinook salmon Oncorhynchus tshawytscha escapement on the Copper River. This report summarizes results from the 2009 field season, the ninth year since the project’s inception. The main objective for 2009 was to estimate the inriver abundance of Chinook salmon returning to the Copper River such that the estimate was within 25% of the true escapement 95% of the time."

Anyway, it's a fascinating read with all kinds of numbers and catch rate info, including how long it takes for the kings to travel between getting caught at Baird Canyon and Wood Canyon.

Now they don't mention how many reds are getting caught, but there you go. Fish wheels just below the lower end of the Chitina Dipnet Fishery know what's coming.