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Thread: Buskin Bummer...

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    Default Buskin Bummer...

    For the 3rd year in a row, ADF&G has imposed an emergency closure on fishing for sockeye on one of Kodiak's most popular and acessible rivers, the Buskin. This is the mainstream that is next to the airport, and the one that is fished heavily by the town's community.

    The effect took place begining June 15th, and is indefinite.

    That certainly is a bummer if any of you have booked a trip to Kodiak and the Buskin was to be on your wish list. My advice is to go to other plans, and examine other options if you are outbound and committed...

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    Default Definately seen this coming though

    It sure is too bad but anybody that fishes that river regularly could have told just by the count that it was going to happen. Well hopefully we will stil have Pasagshak and Sultry. I can't wait for the Silvers to hit the Olds though. TIGHT LINES!



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